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Live streaming is increasingly requested by Internet users and live streaming platforms reach almost 2 billion people worldwide.
Today Thanks to the immersive technology of 360 ° live streaming, any event, concert, fair, can increase its reach and diffusion, allowing  physically not present viewers to enjoy live a 360 ° immersive experience  during the event.  Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and many others have already taken up the challenge of the new generation streaming and are ready to broadcast live 360 ​​° video streams.
With Cinemagica the immersive streaming of live events becomes today even more real and interactive!

What you can do with Live Streaming 360 °

  • Multiple points of view

    Filming the event with one or more 360 ° camera points to experience the show from every angle

  • Real time direction

    Change your point of view in an interactive way and choose to look where you want, when you want!

  • Event recording

    Recording the event from all points of view to keep it alive forever

  • Integration of graphic elements

    Adding  titles, 2D and 3D 360° animations in real time

Watch them

360 ° live streaming events can be viewed on multiple devices by creating a special mobile app for android and IOS, a platform for desktop and an application for HMD (head mounted display).

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