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Ours are not simple 360 ° videos but
which strike imagination.


360 ° videos are real experiences allowing the viewer to look in any direction as in the real word.
Virtual Reality videos methods of production are designed  to comply  with the type communication or emotion thay you  intend to offer.

What you can do with our 360 ° VR videos

  • Occhio

    Virtual tourism

    Take a trip to remote places or hard to reach landscapes

  • Volante

    Sport events

    Experience the emotion of a race from the pilot's point of view

  • Insegnante


    Attend a training course with no expensive trips and no limits in the number of participants

  • Hotel

    Tourism promotion and real estate market

    Visiting places, buildings and museums remotely wherever you are

  • Casco

    Training and simulation

    Creating realistic immersive flight or driving simulators

  • Capannone

    Company virtual tours

    Introducing the company, the brand or the product in events and fairs

  • Conferenza


    Encouraging customers'interest in road shows and lead generation campaigns

  • Teatro

    Immersive theaters

    Being transported to a new reality thanks to a 360 ° projection without wearing a vr headset

HMD (Head Mounted Display)

VR headset are required to fully enjoy immersive 360-degree videos. (known as HMD - Head Mounted Display).

Today there are several types on the market, each one with specific features and with a various range of of display quality, ease of use, price.

Customizable LOW COST

portability IMAGE QUALITY

Highest resolution POWER

Full immersive

Full Immersive Experience is the complete solution for a totally customized experience that ensures maximum effectiveness. In addition to the production of 360-degree video content, it includes the creation of a customizable Android and IOS mobile app, equipped with a dedicated player for a fluid and artifact-free view, asuitable for any VR headset.

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